It is Time

I don’t want to be the girl who it takes 6 months to get “it”. I truly believe my God can “fix” the most vile horrid sinner in an instant… so why can’t He fix me in the blink of an eye? Do I truly believe I am His child and worthy of His time […]


I have realized something recently.  In the world of “church”, like any other community, people are labeled… put into categories of sorts. Pastors, children’s workers, youth leaders, worship team members, elders, committee members, food pantry workers, greeters, bus drivers, etc.  We are, most often defined by our ministry. How many times have you described a […]

Consider the Lilies

  Provision.  It’s a concept that we talk about a lot in Christian circles… it’s something that we actually hear a lot about.  We hear amazing stories about how God provided someone with $8,000 just when they asked for it.  Or how someone was on the brink of financial ruin… about to lose their house, […]