Post About THESE Things

Think on These ThingsSocial Media has been on my mind a lot lately.  I have been discussing with myself and the Lord whether I should keep up with it.  In fact this has been on my mind since January.

I have to make it perfectly clear though… I love social media.  Facebook helped me launch and grow my business, helps me keep in touch with many of my friends who have moved away, and helps me share moments in our lives with my family.  I love the way I have been inspired by others through blogs, twitter and even Facebook.  I also know that there are times that others have been touched by what I have posted. Sharing prayer requests, or reading about the needs of others is great, and has helped me both know how to pray for people and also has encouraged me knowing so many others are praying for me.  One of the biggest reasons I love social media is because as we have gone through the journey of infertility, foster care and adoption, we have impressed upon others the high calling of adoption and are now seeing our friends rescuing orphans too!  God has been exalted and shared in new ways becuase of the advance of technology, so I know it can be a worthwhile pursuit.

I also see everyday the way Christians miss use this venue.  I have to admit, I myself have not always thought it through before I posted something.  Or I have read things that I had to wonder, is that directed at me… and it has lead me down some paths of wrong thinking.

These are the questions I have had to ask myself…. some I have had to answer yes to, and repent for.  THankfully, I can say no to some!!  (Woot, woot, I’m not as evil as I used to be… Yay for redemption and the power to change in Christ!!!)

Have I liked status’ that I know our directed at others, even while knowing that I would never say that to the person?
Have I posted status’ of my own that are totallty passive aggressive becuase I am a BIG wimp?
Have I used a post I see as a reason to judge someone?
Have I secretly been prideful when I see others being brought so low?
Have I posted things that are not uplifting?
Have I posted things that would cause another Christian to stumble?
Have I caused discension or strife with a post?
Have I hurt anyone with a post or comment?

Have I accuritely represented Christ in what I say, or do, or post on any social media platform?

I am happy to say that right now, I feel God is leading me to keep my social media, and to use it for His glory… this blog, my facebook, and my business page.  In doing so, I have begun to ask myself these questions before every post.  ((For clarification, I do not think every single post absoluetly MUST be related to Christ.  I beleive God gave us humor, and some of those pet memes are REALLY funny, and clean!))  If I were to answer any of these questions yes, the post is deleted before it is sent!

Does this post go against the Word of God?
Could this post hurt any one?  (Not offend… because there were times Jesus offended the Pharisees as a way to show truth or point people towards the Father)
Could this post cause a fellow Christian to stumble?
Would I be embarrassed if my Pastor read this?
Am I writing this post about someone in particular but wouldn’t say it to their face?  (For some, even if you would say if to their face…. is it a good thing?)
Would a non-Christian doubt my love for Christ is real if I post this?

 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phillipians 4:8



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