My 2 Cents

A few years ago, when we had only had Madi for about a year or so, an older couple with a large, grown family gave us some parenting advice. They told us we were being to strict.  That we needed to loosen up our boundaries and rules for our child.   They said they had […]


We need you. Yes… you. No, not the guy beside you on the train, or the lady in front of you in the drive-thru. YOU. We need you. Missionaries Need You. Missionaries aren’t just giving you an opportunity to flex your giving muscles, they are giving you an opportunity to serve. Giving to the cause […]

Why Now?

Why now?  Why are we heeding the call now?  Why is God calling us now?  Why are we going now? Some may say we are running.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going mentality.  Some may say we are just bored.  Others may say this just isn’t God’s timing. But we know, that […]

Thinking Globally

Another great word from my wonderful church!!!!   Shift from Local to Global Thinking God is a global God. He has always cared about the entire world. “God so loved the world….” (John 3:16) From the beginning he has wanted family members from every nation he created. The Bible says, “From one person God made […]

Holding My World

“Holding My World” And this is Your world, you made it And all of creation is breathing because You sustain it Jesus, by your powerful word You spoke out the earth and the heavens So I will not worry or fret My God is the God who will never forget All of His goodness and […]

Post About THESE Things

Social Media has been on my mind a lot lately.  I have been discussing with myself and the Lord whether I should keep up with it.  In fact this has been on my mind since January. I have to make it perfectly clear though… I love social media.  Facebook helped me launch and grow my […]